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During Economic Stagnation, Find Your Passion, Because Its What Supplies the World its Innovation Nutrition

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Economic uncertainty is your chance to reorder your life and make your true intentions in the world be your spiritual guide. Really, it’s a great personal opportunity when it seems like you’re in a free fall of unexpected chaos.  Our direction in life is established at an early age and well before we, or anyone else, has thought about who we’re going to be when we grow up. It’s just we don’t always recognize what life has planned for us until later in it but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been set in concrete when we’re toddlers discovering this strange new world around us for the first time.

We may get detoured on our personal paths by ourselves, by others, or by other powerful life forces and some of us may make the mistake of never questioning our choices due to fear of what might be discovered, but there is nothing wrong with stopping every so often and asking if we’re living up to our highest potential: The answer could always be yes. But there is something wide open and honest about those times when things seem to be collapsing around us, so why not use the time to make sure your heart is truly in life all the way and in it for the right reasons. If you discover the worst: that you’ve lost your way, then the question becomes: “Are you the kind of person who sees this as an opportunity to embrace your long-lost passions and pivot or one who will hunker down and miserably continue trudging predictably through life because it’s the rational safe thing to do, (besides others are counting on you to not change)?”

One of the biggest deterrence to true self passion is the needs of others, such as: family, friends and lovers who want us to do things that take us away from our paths. Actually, there are only a handful of things that anyone  will ever need from others and often they have nothing to do with what you do with your own life.  For example:  everyone wants to be loved and to have something to love in return; or to be lifted when they are weak; or to be fed when they are too young or old to feed themselves; or to be guided when they are confused; or to be encouraged to care for themselves and inspired to be on track when they believe they have deviated from their own true paths. Most of this is up to them and no amount of money from you can buy material things that can replace these innately personal self fulfillment. So stop telling yourself that your meaningless job is being kept for their happiness. This faults belief is not good for them any more than its good for you.

Eventually, we are all given the opportunity to return to our true purpose, and the best of these times is during chaos, so grab this opportunity to check your life and respond to what you find. Some of us wont do it because of the excuses that keep filling our thoughts more than the thoughts of our passion: especially if other in our lives voice fear of change louder than your own voice of happiness. Use the time of chaos to tune out from it and hear the silent thoughts inside you, like a quiet in the storm, or a moment of meditation, stay focused on what’s truly important by looking inward. Then stay focused on the little steps and details that complete the larger picture of your purpose that you discover inside you.  Warning, stay away from the image of their completion until you’re satisfied with their place in time and you want to soak up the satisfaction of a life well spent, because your life long passion should always be that: “A life’s long passion”, and something that is always in motion and progressing to being something greater than you can imagine and the very best representation of your whole self.  If it’s truly that self-defining life long passion that started from your earliest stage of human development than its going to be something that will never end in your lifetime. Then each small step becomes just another detail that’s completed before the next step is taken, and the next and the next. This way you never leave your true passion’s side, and it never leaves yours, and no one will know what it is until your life is finished creating it.  Even then, it may take decades for the world to fully grasps the significance of your work and how much you have contributed to the larger world whole.  Many great people throughout history were outlived by their own greatness and didn’t get to live in a world that fully appreciated their contributions until years after their deaths, but it never stopped them from moving towards them.

This is where great ideas come from: We are born with them inside us; then we tenaciously nurture them; and then we leave this earth with our contribution to them while having brought them just a little closer to the inspirational soup that will feed the passions of future generations. Through this giving to others, we find our true value as human beings; and through feeding our own natures, we find our purpose for being.


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