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What Have We Become?

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Angela Conte, Owner Axis4 Group

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Ignoring all the doomsday scenarios of late and assuming the world keeps turning for another few hundred years, I have to ask: “What is our purpose as a large and powerful nation?”  We started out like a bulldozer in a new world when our ancestors got tired of being told what to do and their spirits were being crushed so they said “enough” and got on a boat and traveled to a new and uncharted world.  With such tenacious determination it took just a few decades to become the greatest nation of free thinkers in a land of new age entrepreneurs. What was created was a thriving new nation that exploded with innovation, creativity and prosperity and we became the darlings of the global world. We had truly created something to be proud of. Then, 200 years in, we somehow lost our way.

Somewhere in the last fifty years we became a nation who thrive on a feeding frenzy of wealth from moving stocks around so that money could be made without actually creating anything. And we whittled our stock choices down to a few products in a hand full of industries: Computer technology, Pharmacology, War etc…and their offspring: the internet,  insurance and communications. Many of our investors weren’t hindered by the complexities of innovation and product development anymore, they just need to be in the right place at the right time to buy a few pieces of paper and they could become millionaires and even billionaires overnight and prove to the world that they are smarter, (not just luckier), than everyone else in the room.  Somehow we stopped producing anything of real value  in favor of the power of financial growth prestige alone.  We even went as far as to empower our corporate businesses with the rights of human beings while we shamefully walked over the rights of real human beings. So I ask: “Who are we now and who do we want to be as a nation?”

In order to survive, we need to stop and question our purpose as a national leader because each of us is only here a few decades, and in the time we have, we can choose noble humanistic causes that bring the world to higher greatness or we can single handily seek to fill our financial coffers anyway we can and ignore the future and less fortunate people. Each of us can’t change the world alone but we can become one more electrical spark that helps ignite the world in new and productive ways. I for one want America to stand for the  good things that brings all people the opportunity to share in the creative light of human innovation and allows each of us to discover wonderful things that make all our lives healthier, happier and more meaningful.


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  1. Angela–That is a really fine (distressing) perspective. We did move from doing things to moving paper and from making things to shifting the work overseas. You do a good service by speaking of such things.

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