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Chaos, Elite Theory and the Economic Ways of the Universe, (Read at your own risk)

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“The lifetime student seeks to grow;

the lifetime ignorant seek others to agree with them.”

Elite theory: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In political science and sociology, a élite theory is a theory of the state which seeks to describe and explain the power relationships in contemporary society. The theory posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic élite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power and that this power is independent of a state’s democratic elections process.

If Earth is so beautiful, then I can’t wait to see how much beauty is still left for us to explore!

We learned in physics about cosmology theories of inertia, kinetic energy and metric expansion of space and how the universe is always expanding. Then there is the theory that “Everything flows, nothing stands still”, first quoted by Plato in Cratylus. The universe is a dynamic moving system subject to forces of constant instability that push us towards chaos, and if you want to have a happy, peaceful existence, you better maintain your chaos. Just think about house cleaning: as soon as you finish doing it, the home begins to deteriorate into chaos again; especially if there is more than one person. If you want to stay healthy, you can’t exercise one day and be done with it; you have to exercise every day, or you’ll immediately reverse back to that couch potato. If you want to avoid mental deterioration in old age; you’d better keep your brain cells active and working every step of the way. Life’s like that: We have to stay in control of all the change that’s hitting us or chaos ensues. Want a happy marriage: you have to work at it; Want successful children: you have to keep on top of their behavior and work ethics. There is nothing in life that comes to you that will not take work to maintain. That’s why I like rituals and habits: I can do them without thinking about them and enjoy the moments of peace and serenity that they create for me; but rest on my laurels, I can’t do for long.

At work, our main priority is to deal with constant oncoming chaos because that’s what we’re there for: to carry out the task of producing something for ourselves and others that corrals our socially shared chaos, and we do it in exchange for economic rewards that help us wrangle our chaos of living. Then there are the cities that we live in that need us to wrangle their natural chaos through constant planning, design, technical, infrastructural maintenance and general government operations. These civil services overlap with social and political systems such as judicial, police and fire chaos controllers. Could you image if we didn’t have laws and peace officers to maintain our communities? It would be a third world state of constant confusion.

North America has come a long way in a short time, and the United States has created one of the most stable chaos free civilizations on earth that many other nations envy and sometimes admire, so who would we want to live any other way? The thing is, to maintain this peaceful chaos free life in the US, we have to maintain it constantly just like we have to clean our homes and get off the couch and exercise. A nation doesn’t run on its own, it takes effort, and in America the system that we created is one where democratic participation is and honor and a necessity. Unfortunately, the people are losing control, and I have a theory of how we got to this point and what we need to do to fix things.

Business used to be mostly independent family owned. Now corporations are king. In the past, businesses were started up just where they were needed; then a couple of them would have a bit of competitive rivalry but everyone got by and the competition made everything a little bit better. Then advances in transportation created larger territories where national chains took over, and all businesses were in a game of survival of the fittest and whoever grew the most substantial faster could devour their competition rather than have to compete with them. Today, corporations are more like machines than human beings, even if people run them. In our global world, American companies have been devouring business overseas. To do this, they have to make deals with whoever is in charge, good or bad; and if they can’t make the deals with regimes in the open, they’ll use backdoor deception to get the right guys into power who’ll work with and for them.

As this happened for decades around the world, Americans we’re happy with comfortable chaos free lives and with cradle to grave corporate jobs with benefits. No one had a reason to challenge the status quo, because it was believed to be working for the people, including the little guy. So while Americans slept in their comfortable beds, the corporate machine kept working, and now it’s all coming back to haunt the US as other countries start to rebel.

As the corporate machine learned to control whole nations overseas, they also learned to control local, state and federal governments in the U.S. by using their growing wealth to put politicians in office that would protect them and create laws, even if these laws infringed on the rights of the people. That’s how they took over; they bought their way into office and made laws that protected their corporate rights and removed the rights of the American people, as the American people slept in their comfortable beds believing their companies would take care of them. Then the inequality of wealth started to destroy the economic system, and people started to come out of their slumber and wonder what was happening. So the businesses bought the control over the media and shamed the people into staying silent, or frightened them against imaginary forces that were working against them while they the corporate heroes were still the great protectors. Today, the government is full of politicians who are working for the corporation and against the people, and media pundits are paid to keep the people out of their hair as they do what the want in the name of American Patriotism or Religious Elitism. Another way of looking at the problem is through the economic numbers. The 40% of the wealth is now held in the hands of the top 1%, and these people bought the legal right to pay 18% to 0% taxes while the middle classes pay 30% and above. At the same time, they acquired the legal right to pay themselves 300% increases in tax-free income while middle-class incomes decreased 20% in the same timeframe. Then they say that it’s the fault of the people that they have to take their business overseas while they pay themselves hefty multi-million dollar severance packages. And they complain it’s the people’s fault that they had to take away the middle classes right to unionize or to protect themselves from unfair employment practices because it took money out of their pockets. Then they purchased the right from a politically biased Supreme Court to call themselves Human Beings so they could give as much as they wanted to the campaigns of those politicians who would continue to work for them. These are some of the things that have happened while Americans slept in their chaos free beds. Then America woke up to war because other countries got mad when things went too far with the American Corporate giants taking away their livelihoods too. It didn’t help that America went into multi-trillion dollar debt to pay for these wars, but then it was great for the weapons manufacturers and war mongers. To pay this massive debt, the American middle classes then had to pay more in taxes, (while the wealthy continue to pay less). And they’ve had to give up things like educations for their children, affordable medical care and security in their twilight retirement years, and food and housing for the needy who are mostly women struggling to raise hungry children. The American people are no longer thriving in their country while corporations and the wealthy 1% who run them, get richer and richer. And the people bought the story from the bought and paid for media that it’s the old, the indigent and the hungry women and children who are causing all the problems, not the ridiculously imbalanced wealth distribution. Do you see it? Snap out of your sleep and see the reality that all the wealth is now in the hands of a very tiny minority who have taken over our government and the media and while the middle classes are the majority of the population, they work longer hours for less pay and zero job security. Now fewer and fewer Americans have basic benefits while the millionaires turn into billionaires. Simplified it works like this:

1) The upper class, super wealthy, 1% that holds 40% of the money; money that is doing one thing: bringing them tax-free dividends that create more money in their bank accounts, not economic sustainability. The economy is stable when more people have money to put into it, not when a few people hoard the money in bank accounts to make more money while starving the economy.

2) Then there is the upper class 6% who are doing pretty good and living comfortable like their parents and grandparents did in the 1950 and 1960’s. Even though their incomes are much lower compared to the current cost of living and they are working more hours than their parents. They have a job, so there are no problems and no complaints from them.

3) Then there is the middle class who are becoming more and more the “working poor” because they are just getting by with paying the bills. Anything other than the necessities of life that are needed can go on credit where huge interest payments go into the pockets of the super wealthy again. They have jobs, sometimes 2, 3 and four jobs and are often one job or one illness away from total destitution.

4) Then you have the poor class that are working but who are not making enough to get by. Their children are going many hungry days, and they won’t get a chance to dig their way out of destitution and will most likely need government assistance the rest of their lives just to survive. While the wealthy elite continues to say, they are the enemy of a working system.

Which category are you in? Most of us are in the middle class and one job, one day or a retirement party away from destitution. Don’t fool yourself that things got better while you slept, thanks to corporate America, and if things aren’t working it the fault of lazy people. The only thing that happened was the wealthy elite took over the government, your lives and the resources needed for 90% of the people to thrive and survive.

The worse part of it all is we’ve found ourselves in such a mess today because we let them convince us that we, the people who are just trying to fend off chaos and get by, are the problem. The truth is, our economy is dependent on people, lots and lots of people buying things and investing back into the economy and as long as the wealthy keep taking all the money and keeping it for themselves nothing is left to be put back into the system. The poor don’t have any money to put into the economy, nor will they get the chance to better themselves. Their lives are full of hopeless chaos. The middle-income earners are making less and less and working more and more, so their lives are becoming more stressful every day while the wealthy elite’s money is rotating in hedge funds instead of going back into the economy. This chaos is happening, and it’s happening because the American people decided their lives are better and less chaotic if they don’t pay attention to politics, or question authority, or demand quality educations for all and a medical system that is equalized. Sorry, but that’s not how the universe works. You can’t just bury your head in the sand and trust the super wealthy will have your back because they don’t. They see the chaos coming at them, and they are stocking up and taking care of themselves, and the only way to keep a handle on your mess is to face it head on every step of the way.


9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact:



“An old friend who has been active in politics for more than thirty years tells me he’s giving up. “I can’t stomach what’s going on in Washington anymore,” he says. “The hell with all of them. I have better things to do with my life.”

My friend is falling exactly into the trap that the extreme right wants all of us to fall into — such disgust and cynicism that we all give up on politics. Then they’re free to take over everything.” Robert Reich

2 Minutes to the Truth about the Economy:




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