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What’s Different about Hive Tech Living Environments?

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Article #2 in a series by Angela Conte of the Axis4 Group, November 24, 2013 http://www.axis4group.com

Hive Tech Living Environments are about combining residential and commercial spaces within a larger walk-able community.  Its creating a living, working and playing environment so that people have more freedom to get more out of life.  Its seems counter intuitive to think that people can get more work done if they live where they work, or have more fun if they work where they live, but Hive Tech Living Environments are designed to do just that.

‘Alphabeta’ Creative Workspace / Studio RHE

Living near where you work means not having to spend as much time driving between work and home.  If you want to take a break you can walk to your home and have your lunch; or take a run on your break without having to shower at the office; and if you want to grab something you left at the office when you’re at home, its right there.  The freedom comes from less wasted time and more convenience.

How To Manage “Work From Home” Efficiently Work at Home Customer Service with Vertex - Work at Home Mom Revolution

There’s a lot of disagreement as to whether the new open office workspace is as productive as individual offices because of the lack of privacy, but if it saves companies money by putting more people into a smaller area, this trend is here to stay.  With Hive Tech Living Environments you and your employer can set up a work at home system that works for both of you.  You can take advantage of working on you and your family’s schedule; and if its privacy that you need, you have that too while still taking advantage of the easy access to the office setting for team projects, group meetings and shared office resources. Life becomes richer with convenience while leaving you more time to get your job done and have time left to enjoy your it. 

Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel 

Hive Tech Living Environments is about having more resources and activity options in a smaller foot print. With the world population growth that we’re experiencing, it’s this kind of innovative thinking that’s necessary to create more healthy social communities that you can share live in.  Somethings that HTLEs offers are:  1) More affordable modern efficient easy maintenance home; 2) access to in-house cleaning and babysitting services; 3) huge beautiful pools, gyms, spa services and health care options that’s more affordable to all; 4) arts, cultural and hospitality opportunities that you might not get in a traditional apartment, and definitely not in a typical suburban neighborhood, without using up more space and time driving around. .

The 100 Best Places to Work: 75-51 | The 100 Best Places to Work in 2013 | OutsideOnline.com

Let’s face it, people who love what they do, do it when ever they can and they benefit from being around others focused on the same things they are.  HTLEs  are about creating an environment where you get to live around people you work with and enjoy being around. There maybe people at work that you don’t want to see this much, but there are probably people in your current neighborhood that you feel the same about. At least with HTLEs you have the building management and human resources working together to resolve problems that normally go unresolved and make life miserable. If it’s the boss you don’t want to see on your days off, they’ll probably be living in their McMansion in the burbs anyways. This isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, or every company, but it’s a great affordable option for those who want it; and it’s going to become the-way-of-the-future and an awesome way for the (*) best employers to entice new employees to come work for them.

 3D Architectural Visualization

Then there is all the green and sustainability advantages to Hive Tech Living Environments. If you combine infrastructure technology within enclosed buildings, you’re able to conserve more energy and save money:  It also improves air quality by combining internal with external plant-scaping and filtration systems. 

*The 100 Best Places to Work 2013:  http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/best-jobs/best-jobs-2013@gpkg/the-top-100/The-100-Best-Places-to-Work-75-51#gallery-photo-24


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