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Six Core Values of Hive Tech Living Environments

Axis4 Group

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Angela Conte, Owner Axis4 Group

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From Angela Conte of the Axis4Group, August 18, 2016 

As they always say,

At the end of life, few say, “I wish I had accumulated more stuff.”

The only way the human species can improve on life itself is to work towards all people regardless of shape, size, color or personal preferences, having the inalienable right to be born into welcoming arms with access to minimum basic needs for survival including productive social opportunities and a peaceful passage into death once they’ve accomplished a quality life on earth. From the start of life, human survival is based on an instinct for selfish survival but humans soon develop group cohesion because living in groups brings more survival opportunities to the individual when there is a fair exchange of goods and services than if they must go it alone. The fair and equitable exchange of these goods and services forms a balanced socioeconomic system. For an economically stable society, there needs to be strong core human rights that all people respect and receive. The following are a list of basic bottom-line core values needed to sustain every human life on earth and should be accepted as minimum universal rights for all people regardless of size, shape, color, age, sexual orientation or ability to purchase them. They are also the core values of Hive Tech Living Environments which are a type of proprietary shared living community conceived by Angela Conte.

The Human Right to Survival Through Access to:

1. Clean air.

2. Clean water.

3. Clean nutrient food from a healthy ecosystem.

4. Sleep in safe and healthy shelter.

5. Cultural and legal right of every human being to participate freely and equally in all social and economic opportunities. The opportunities include social basics such as:

• Political participation

• Health and medical care

• Education

• Legal and civil representation

• Income production

• Spiritual and/or Self-expression that does not infringe on the quality of life for others.

• Right to life and right to death for self and unborn fetus as a part of one’s body.

Planet Earth’s Ecological Rights Include the Following:

1. Clean air.

2. Clean water.

3. Debris and chemical free earth surface and soils.

4. Right to a balanced existence for all species of fauna, flora, and the protection of their ecosystems.

5. Control from human or other species overuse of ecological resources.

Since many of the human needs and earth’s ecosystem needs are related and humans are dependent on earth, whereas earth could do well without humans, there are six core values to sustaining human life that require the protection of earth’s rights and these six rights are:

1. Clean air.

2. Clean water.

3. Clean surface and soil.

4. Human shelter.

5. Equality of human social inclusion.

6. Protection from physical abuse and depletion of human and earth’s resources.

These six core human rights represent everything necessary for human survival and yet few people think about them or make them a priority in their everyday lives. Even the common basic need of fresh water, food and shelter are considered luxuries to be given to those who earn them and not necessities of human right to survival. What seems to be the only shared priority to American Culture today is the right to accumulate wealth. These six are not everything everyone wants or desires but only include what is necessary for life and anything else that people aspire to should be theirs to work for if it doesn’t impede on other’s survival rights. Creating human rights focused on these necessities globally would not be easy but with so much cultural and political divergence today urban planning can become the foundation for altering the world’s current unsustainable trajectory by creating more balanced micro communities focused on these rights at the local level. And this process for change can begin with rethinking the most complex priority core-value number five: The Equality of Human Social Inclusion.

Fiscal common sense says the more financial diversity in an economy, the healthier it is, so the more people who make money to put into the economic system helps its cycle continue to grow and maintain balance; and any depletion, or stagnation (i.e. economic recession), or accumulation of resources at a single point will disrupt the system’s balance. Unfortunately, global economic cohesion is not functioning this way as America becomes a nation of oligarchs due to money in its political system and the accumulation of wealth at the top while many other western nations also suffer from debilitating long-term recessions due to lack of global economic inclusion. Given these current economic factors it is imperative that western nations create an economic system that benefits as many people as possible rather than protecting the right of the wealthy to hoard as much wealth as desired given this practice’s lack of socioeconomic cohesion and equilibrium. In an ideal capitalist society everyone is entitled to seek a share of the economic pie as long as it’s within the policies and laws established by the republic through a fair and equal democratic system; and so western political systems are designed to work when everyone has an equal voice in how things are done to maintain the balanced equilibrium; and, if not in balance, at least there is trust that the system offers future equilibrium through fair voting rights for all stakeholders. In healthy functioning, multiparty systems all parties must work to keep any one party from being too dominant or balanced social equilibrium is lost. For this to work efficiently politics must be a system of give and take that requires compromise. Parties must work towards their highest priorities while giving up lesser priorities as wager benefits to the highest priorities of the other parties with the single goal to all parties to generate the best solutions for everyone in the end. Today’s western democratic capitalism is full of checks and balances like these meant to keep everyone’s interests represented, however problems arise when parties interfere in the all stakeholder solution building that is necessary for a functioning social system. We see this in the recent refusal of the GOP to participate in any politics until they get their way and only their way. Another example is when anyone in power divides people into groups of those who deserve access to resources and those who don’t with the intention of gaining more resources for themselves and those who stand with them. They use manufactured limits of resources to create fear and demand everyone chooses a side. This misleading focus on a lack of resources keeps everyone fearfully worried about their share of a limited pie rather than anyone’s right to survival or from realizing that these basic survival needs are easily available to everyone if a plan is worked on for efficient distribution in a limitless pie world. An example of dividing of social groups in to those who deserve and those who don’t is when people say those who use illegal drugs, or partake in crime, or are mentally or physically ill, or are of another sex or ethnicity, or are simply unlucky to be born into poverty, do not deserve basic human rights to survival. Yet, this refusal to care for others risks the sustainability of the entire social system and depletes its resources without replenishing them. Even demonizing those in need as a way to encourage more social participation from them doesn’t make sense because no one in their right mind prefers (or chooses) a life of crime, drugs, poverty or mental or physical illness. It happens to them and without social support people become stuck. To change this negative perception of people who need support as social leeches without value it needs to be remembered that sharing is an evolutionary means to human survival for all and helping others is part of natural human survival. If some people are demonized and society stops supporting them, it breaks down the very system designed for human long-term sustainability. Without long-term growth and sustainability society dies. In truth, the only thing that can change people in distress is to help them get to where everyone wants to be and that is to a life of health and happiness filled with social purpose. And if anyone continues to be disenfranchised they are damaging the social core and the survivability of the group. Demonizing them is not helping them or society because if they are unproductive they are not giving back to the social system while creating economic burden. Help them and they can give back benefiting everyone. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t want money or resources going to help the needy because they are only thin king about themselves without acknowledging or understanding how this impedes on their quality of life. This type of anti-social irresponsibility happens when groups don’t see, care or understand the value in other people’s quality-of-life as it relates to the whole social economic system. What they do see is the cost to themselves so instead of solving the problem by giving minor social support to get everyone to a level of productivity they decry that not everyone deserves support and so leaving people suffering and a burden to the system. However, they are often quick to demand that needs based resources be given to those who have proven their value through financial success. An example of this are all the government financial support and tax breaks given to large corporations and financial institutions. The American banking industry functions on the belief that loans are only given to those who already have proven an ability to make money which assumes someone’s bad luck is a reason not to help them. On the other hand, if these wealth producers can’t survive without public tax support then maybe they aren’t equipped with what it takes to survive and should be left to fail so others can take their place especially if they are taking support away from the needier people at the bottom whose very lives depends on these support resources. With failing businesses comes new businesses which is the kind of competition a healthy functioning economy needs. Instead American elitist created a system of hoarding wealth and demanding more resources for themselves instead of those that need it while denying their negative impact on the entire social system. They benefit from holding back from others while collecting resources for themselves but this kills a socioeconomic system. It is selfish greed that all humans are born with but most grow out of that causes some to refuse acknowledging that human survival is dependent on the fair and equitable exchange of social resources and that the more people who benefit, the more people there are to give back to the system. Another example of how this demonizing backfires on society is ignoring how years of anger, frustration, and anxiety leads to depression and or substance abuse, unemployment, crime; and how a loss of hope and opportunity lead to anger and frustration; so, one can say that loss of hope and opportunity can lead to mental illness, self-medicating, unemployment and the crime that goes with them costing more time, money and quality-of-life for the society and risking self-destruction. Not fixing these types of social problems means years of expensive problems leading to even more burden and expense for everyone and not just those who are in trouble. If a nation wants to fix its problems, it must address them with a clear understanding of what is necessary to human survival that leads to socioeconomic cohesion and then make them a human right. From the right of fair and equitable basic resources comes social survivability. Fixing the individual problems in society may cost some financial investment in the short-term but once they are established into the system, long-term cost is significantly reduced. An analogy for this type of proactive problem-solving is when a child is born with a fixable physical anomaly that could cause social alienation, depression, drug abuse and/or eventual crime if left unfixed, it only makes sense for the parents to fix the anomaly before years of self-destruction takes over causing a lifetime of pain and suffering for the child and significant ongoing expense for the family and society. What is also lost in ignoring the child’s needs is the opportunity for society to benefit from another happy, healthy contributing human being. The argument that disenfranchised people will just continue to take from the social pie if they are helped is unrealistic because all people, except psychopaths, seek healthy productive lives. It is basic human nature to seek comfort and stability unless you lack a biological gene causing psychological pathology, (Note: There is evidence that many of the people in positions of power who are greedy, lying, and antisocial are actually the successful psychopaths of society, including some CEO’s, Financial Professionals and Politicians, and not the needy poor and disadvantaged at the bottom.) Society is like that child at risk but it is made up of millions of children who fall through the cracks and end up unendingly depended on the social system when they are not given everything they need for basic survivability and productivity. Some may have to learn how to take care of themselves after support begins but that should be part of the support system because maintaining the momentum to address everyone’s basic needs for survival requires making human survival an ongoing right and not a privilege for the deserving few. If every one of these six necessities to human survival is focused on in our current technologically advanced world, we could improve life on earth for 90 percent of the world population by 2050. This idea is a fundamental paradigm of human functioning that could reverse socioeconomic dysfunction simply by adhering to these six basic human rights and allowing anything beyond them to be the luxury rightfully available to those who want to strive for them. Simply put, allowing everyone the right to participate in socioeconomic inclusion and share equally in survival resources doesn’t mean that anyone will have less, it just means more people would have more to give, and anyone who says otherwise is not being honest or real with themselves or others.

America’s pioneering forefathers didn’t aspire to a democratic capitalist society where only a few deserving would have the right to take freely as much as they can at the expense of others. They wanted to create a more fair and equitable society for all rather than the feudal monarchies and growing oligarchies supported by peasant slave labor that they were leaving back in Europe. The freedom of private wealth accumulation for all was their priority and that’s what they accomplished but I don’t believe that’s where they would have left things if they had all the information that is available today that shows how limiting this freedom of capitalism is when left unchecked. Today there is much more empirical data and knowledge plus the technological ability to create more distribution of resources if society wasn’t instead fighting the oligarchs of today. With this knowledge and technology what needs to be focused on today is more equitable allocation of resources with special interest in those resources that are necessary to human survival. This benefits the whole society and lets those who aspire to more wealth and luxury obtain them at will if they don’t infringe on the survival rights of others. America’s forefathers wanted the right to make a living through freedom of commerce, ownership of land and other resources, and this has been accomplished but it is not humanities final frontier. There is much more that can be done if true human sustainability is ultimately the American goal starting with these six human rights to life.

Going down the list of these six human rights, the right to clean air and water is commonsense. Dealing with climate change would be an efficient start to improving both air and water along with adding more regulations on anything that damages them. Food can be grown most anywhere when climate and water issues are dealt with, and seeding distribution is coordinated universally along with other healthy food sources. The millions of unemployed people around the world could be put to work developing these distribution streams along with the production of the food supplies in their local regions. Most people appreciate employment in food production activities if the work they do is contributing to everyone’s quality of life and not only for the benefit of other’s wealth. Right now, in the US the plan is to continue industrialized food production on large centralized land swatches where the food must be transported at great cost, and where corporate chemicals, gene manipulation, and fertilizers are needed to kill pests, produce food faster, keep food longer and replenish the barren land for continued reuse when locally grown food is healthier and creates more valuable employment opportunities. When it comes to shelter, few people can live without it let alone live a healthy productive life without it yet homelessness is rising in the US, and the housing industry has stagnated because of the high cost of housing production and the number of financial stakeholders who want a piece of this high valued commercial pie. It doesn’t help that since the 2008 real estate crash more US citizens now live in rented housing because of the lack of affordable ownership opportunities and mortgages. This means that many are paying unlimited rising amounts of money to landlords instead of the money going into their personal equity, or where they would have some control over rate increases. The banking industry is only working with wealthy real estate investors like REITs and large corporate real estate developers and getting out of the local real estate industry all together. Again, this is happening because of unregulated capitalism and society ignoring the basic survival needs of people. What needs to happen is minimal shelter ownership must become a human right and the government must work to produce it as a supporter of these rights. If people want to upgrade their housing options from government subsidized universal sheltering programs they can do so through renting or buying upscale housing but no one should ever be left without a livable home of their own. This government managed housing would again create jobs for many in housing development and construction as well as government, and could very easily be paid for by collecting more taxes from the top ten percent, including closing their tax loopholes, reducing the war chest through better international relations and putting price controls on healthcare and medical with universal healthcare just to start. It’s about shifting government priorities from a few who are well to do to focusing on people again as good governments are supposed to do. If the wealthy people or businesses threaten to leave and go to other countries were taxes are lower, than this will open up more opportunities for the people who stay in the US. If all people are prospering from government support there will be ground up economic development that will improve society, and the economy, and continue to make America a truly great place to live. What would be left behind after any massive tax dodge are people and businesses who want to contribute fairly and equitably into the socioeconomic infrastructure because they understand its value to ongoing economic growth and sustainability. Also on the list of basic human survival needs are social needs. Social needs begin with health and medical care paid for with a socialized single payer system where everyone contributes fairly and everyone receive care equally, just like they do in most other prosperous countries. If some wealthy people want special treatment they can pay for it. This attention to all medical services to everyone would continue to create jobs for people, especially if the cost of medical education and physician treatment fees is managed through government oversight. Reducing general costs also allows for increasing the number of healthcare professionals in the industry creating more jobs and solving the current lack of healthcare professionals which now includes doctors. The corporate medical and pharmaceutical industry revenues would have to be controlled so that the income is fairly shared with the entire socioeconomic system and not hoarded by these medical industry oligarchs. Education for all also benefits social economy and needs to be a right at all levels of academia because a smarter population adds multiple social benefits and the only people who don’t want an educated society are those who make money from a society of sheeple. When people are supported, happy, healthy and productive they don’t need to fight wars for survival, or engage in crime, or fight each other over things like religion or race. There will always be some psychopaths and sociopaths to contend with but at least society would no longer be run by them. Taking care of these basic human survival needs creates a functioning society where money is spent on maintaining socioeconomic sustainability and not just supporting capitalism. The last item on the list of basic human rights is the need to protect the earth and its ecosystem from overuse and abuse that will benefit not only all natural life on earth but it protects human life too. Why should people be so selfish and think about themselves first when protecting the earth because if people don’t think about their life first when protecting the earth than people will die off and the earth would be just fine without them. Again, the only people who would not see or understand the consequences of ignoring this fact are those who don’t want money to go towards benefiting anything or anyone other than themselves.

These six basic rights of human survival need to become global priorities that allow every human being on earth the equal right to obtain all six of them from birth to death. Retrofitting the world for utilizing these human rights would be extremely difficult but what isn’t difficult is creating this balanced socioeconomic equilibrium in micro communities at the local level in Hive Tech Living Environments (HTLE) while working on developing the support of the federal, state and local governments. HTLE are sustainable, green, multifamily, mixed-use, mixed-income, workforce and live/work housing communities for people that respect the earth and adhere to these six basic human rights as necessities for individual quality-of-life and human survival as well as components to sustainable worldwide growth and prosperity into the future. They combine all that is needed to create an environmentally healthy, economically stable, and socially vibrant community one group at a time, leading to one building at a time, to one community at a time and then one city and one earth at a time. Contrary to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ plans for space travel we don’t need to spend so much money to move to another planet to find more quality-of-life for the wealthy few we just need to refocus our attention and resources towards the basics commonsense needs for human survival right here on earth. The knowledge and technology are available to adhere to these basics necessities; what we needed now is to make them a priority at every level of society through micro-seeding change in communities like Hive Tech Living Environments.


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