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You’ll always be better at some things than others because people’s brains and bodies are wired uniquely like fingerprints. In childhood, you get to enjoy what you’re good at until the world begins to dictate to you who you should be. If you’re born into a family that favors some attributes over others, like physical agility, intelligence or creativity you’ll be more inclined to follow family expectations unless you’re terrible at them or hate them enough to rebel. Even if you decide to choose your own path in life you’ll always be looking outside yourself at society through the school system, your community, and the media for direction. If value and acceptance for your natural talents and preferred abilities are found in the world you’re one of the lucky ones. Others will end up following their family’s path and may succeed happily or not. Some will find an outside position to fulfill a community need and may find happiness or not. And a few will be so outstanding in their unique abilities they forge a new path for the rest of the world to follow. Unfortunately, tapping into the passion and abilities you were born with won’t make your life perfect or easy. It just makes it easier to ignore the difficult times while pursuing the awesome ones. The bottom line is: Finding survival success in the world is necessary but finding personal success and happiness is optional.

There are many ways to survive but what’s devastating to the spirit is compromising your innate abilities and life joy, once you’ve found them, to follow the family, society or anyone else’s idea of success at the expense of your personal passion. Once you compromise your talents, abilities, and happiness for anyone, you’re giving up your once only lifetime chance at being your fullest self because rare is the person who finds great personal success at something they don’t like doing. Even highly successful young people pushed into following their parent’s passion often end up bitter and resentful even if they sometimes enjoy what they were doing. It’s because they didn’t do it for themselves and they can’t stop wondering if something better and more fulfilling is inside them. No one finds happiness sacrificing themselves to fulfill someone else s’ dream. Anyone who expects you to compromise being your optimum self is not thinking about what’s best for you or anyone else, they’re only thinking about themselves. When someone disallows your living for yourself and ignores the benefit your happiness has to the community of others, they’re being selfish no matter how much they tell you they’re only thinking what’s best for you. In life, we need as many champions around us as we can because it’s never easy for the strongest of us to find our passion and succeed. So, if anyone tries to control you or hold you back, you need to find the strength to respect yourself and put yourself and the rest of the world first. This way, not meeting the needs of one, allows you to open yourself up to giving to the needs of the many.

Thinking about your personal needs first isn’t about neglecting your responsibilities to others, especially if there are those who are dependent on you. It’s about finding better ways of meeting everyone’s needs. It’s not about being selfish either. It’s about staying true to the passion inside you so you can succeed emotionally, psychologically, and economically and then share it with those you care about the most. Compared to doing something ridiculously lucrative but unpleasant, living an impassioned life that is at least financially comfortable, will make you happier and more enjoyable to be around. Making a lot of money doing something you don’t like and find unfulfilling can make you resentful and unpleasant to be around. Those who just want money from you and don’t care about you as a person will fall away from your life once the money stops flowing in and that’s a good thing because those who value you for being who you are are the ones worth investing yourself in. The best we can give to anyone is to share the bounty of our own happiness and success and give it back to those who support our happiness and who appreciate our true value. If you believe this, then the only thing you have to worry about is if society doesn’t value what you have to offer it. Ever have that feeling you’re living in the wrong place or time? That’s life telling you you’re ahead of the pack and a change maker not reincarnated. It’s your soul searching for meaning and personal value. It may take some time to find it, but it’s often found in your childhood memories of happiness and these moments are never entirely lost. So look there first and brainstorm how your past happiness can be shared with people today and you’re on track to your true self. Once you find your passion and your perfect life-flow-zone, the first step is over, so celebrate because you’ve just managed to start changing your life and the lives of others and all that’s needed from you is the next step, and the next step and the next.

Once you’re on track doing what you do best, using whatever your natural talents are, you’ll want to find a way to share with others. The money you make will be from this sharing and becomes a means to doing it. When you’re tapped into pleasure and happiness more than money and ego, you never feel like anything is missing. When the people you cherish the most benefit from your happiness and the emotional support you have for them, you never feel like your disappointing anyone if you’re not the richest person in the room. When you’re tapped into your true self, it’s not about chasing greatness through fame and fortune, it’s about just doing what you love for those you love and loving it. If fame and fortune happen to come with it, you can decide then if that’s a benefit or a hindrance because it’s common knowledge that many rich and famous people still feel unfulfilled and miserably unhappy. They don’t understand or don’t believe the power of great accomplishment is something that comes from inside them; nourishes them and becomes a mirror that inspires others, not something that comes from fame or money. Being true to the personal greatness and power that is uniquely yours and brings you the most passionate pleasure in life, will always trump the need to feed society’s shallow fickleness and your hungry damaged ego every time. Those who value impassioned cultural accomplishments over the ability to throw fame and money around will thank you for standing up, even if only in spirit as one of those who came before them and created a better world for them to follow in.



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